Last Revised on 17-Oct-2008


This page is the home for the links to digital photo images from a diary that came along with the purchase of the Fairview Cemetery of Bethlehem PA. 

The date range for the diary is approx 1944 thru 1949, and it is not known precisely who kept the diary, although it is believed

by myself to have been kept by the father of Glenn E. Steyers, Mr. Merle Ellsworth Steyers.  

You can see on one of the first few pages for the Jan-Mar, there is mention of a Glenn and Gloria going to the Mummer's parade

in Philadelphia on Jan 1, 1948.

Glenn and Gloria were married in August of 1947.  Glenn Steyers spent a lot of his youth taking care of the cemetery,

digging graves etc...until the time he went off to college.


Here are the links to the four sections of the diary: