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Cemetery at the Silk Mill Ė results of research to date


Current Conclusion


Research to date indicates that the cemetery probably stopped accepting new burials around 1890. There is no conclusive information as to the exact date the cemetery was abandoned, although a date after 1910 is most probable. Church records are not available and the city and county have no information. None of the local historical societies have information on the cemetery. No newspaper articles were located that mentioned the disposition of the cemetery, but the index ends in 1912. A cursory search of the local cemeteries in Bethlehem shows that no graves that were in the cemetery at the Silk Mill were moved to other cemeteries.


There is a reasonable possibility that the graves were not moved and that the headstones were simply removed.




-         Evangelical Cemetery

-         Goepp Street Cemetery

-         Methodist Cemetery (most common name on maps and city directories)

The original entrance to the cemetery was on Goepp St.

-         Altoona Cemetery

-         Holy Ghost Cemetery

-         Memorial Park Cemetery

-         St. Joseph Cemetery

-         Union Cemetery

It is possible that the graves were moved to one of these cemeteries.