Last Revised on 07-Nov-2008


This page is the home for the links to the various projects that are just ideas at the moment, but could come

to fruition in the future.  If you are interested in talking to me about any of these with your ideas etc., just give

me a shout and we can discuss your ideas etc.


Veterans buried at Fairview project   This is a project to have someone or a group (e.g. Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts or VFW etc.)

to through the cemetery and document the monuments that indicate that the person was involved with the military in some way.

Besides a list and location, there could also be a photo taken of the memorial.   This list and any associated photo etc., will then

be made available to the public via this website and a list printed and given to the local Bethlehem Public Library.


Burials re-interred from the old Methodist Cemetery   This is a project to have someone or a group (e.g. Lehigh University or Moravian College students etc.)

go through the cemetery, and unearth and document the memorial stones that have been buried under a layer of sod over the years.  It is estimated that there

are approximately 160 persons that were re-interred in a small plot inside the Fairview Cemetery, back in 1908.  These folks had been buried originally on property

down at the bottom of Goepp St., where the Silk Mill is today.  It was the silk mill that displaced these folks, and I am guessing that the first burials here

occurred after 1850, most likely from 1855 to 1908 timeframe.